Elve Pure Magic

Norfolk Terrier Male Dog perm. for breeding born 01.03.1977
Norfolk Terrier: Elve Pure Magic


Breeder: Elve
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Ragus Bitterman 

Ch. Ickworth Pathfinder 

Ch. Ragus Buttermilk 

Ch. Ickworth Proper Pretty 

6 CC's
Ch. Ragus Brown Smudge 

Ch. Ragus Whipcord 

Ch. Ragus Brown Sugar 

Ch. Ragus Brown Cider 

Ch. Ragus Whipcord 

Ragus Humphrey Bear 

Ragus Who Dat 

Ch. Ragus Brown Sugar 

Ch. Ickworth Ready 

Ch. Ragus Bewitched 


Offspring of Elve Pure Magic

Son Daughter
King's Prevention Jolly Roger
Abbedale Abigail Rae
Chidley Jinx
Chidley Pooka
Raggedge Are You Ready
Todwil E T of Whitehall