Ch. Colonsay Junior

Norfolk Terrier Male Dog perm. for breeding born 21.10.1952
Norfolk Terrier: Colonsay Junior

Colonsay Junior is the grandfather of Colonsay Orderly Dog (winner of 19 CC's) and Colonsay Banston Belinda (winner of 12 CC's). 

Breeder: Colonsay
  Marion Sheila Scott Macfie
  -- Great Britain --
 Champion GB
 3 CC's 

Colonsay Gribble 

Dimbols Nutmeg 

Colonsay Chestnut 

Privett Meg 

Valkyrie Jinny 

Colonsay Bimp 

Valkyrie Rusty 

Armitage Beauty 

Colonsay Fag Wagger 

Colonsay Dicky Flutter 

Colonsay Coppa Dak 

Colonsay Darts 

Timothy Robin 

Valeswood Katinka 


Offspring of Colonsay Junior

Son Daughter
Colonsay Limbo
Colonsay Paddy Doyle
Colonsay Bide-Awhile
Colonsay Minge
Guinea Gap
Raughmere Privilege


Norfolk Terrier: Colonsay Junior