Colonsay Bimp

Norfolk Terrier Male Dog perm. for breeding born 06.06.1943

Unfortunately, we have no picture


Breeder: Colonsay
  Marion Sheila Scott Macfie
  -- Great Britain --

Colonsay Hudson 

Colonsay Gloom Chaser 

Knipton Rusty 

Colonsay Blink 

Colonsay Birdseed 

Tiny Tim of Biffin 

Kinmount Pip 

Colonsay Flaming Onion 

Tiny Tim of Biffin 

Ch. Biffin of Beaufin 

Little Jane 

Kinmount Pip 

Kinmount Jack 

Kinmount Dumpty 


Offspring of Colonsay Bimp

Son Daughter
Elel Spruce
Rob of Redcott
Colonsay Carry On
Colonsay Dazzle Painting
Elel Spice
Ragus Shandy Gaff
Valkyrie Jinny