Wir haben einen Norfolk Terrier Welpen abzugeben.




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Norfolk Terriers

On this website, we want to provide information and links about Norfolk Terriers, that are usefull for breeders, but also for other peoples interested in Norfolk Terriers.

Also a data base with stud dogs and other Norfolks belongs to this website.

You can add your own Norfolks with the content management system.

The data base contains studdogs, bitches and other Norfolks. Dogs can be found by various search options. Their pedigrees, pictures and further informations will be displayed.

You can add your own Norfolks and their ancestors with the content management system (CMS) to the data base, but please read the help page first. If you find mistakes in the data base, then please contact me.

We are a small kennel in Germany, near Oldenburg. We breed for conformation, health, and a lovable disposition. Puppies are occasionally for sale. If you are interested in one of our dogs, please feel free to contact us.

Dr. Robin Wellmann
Weideweg 21
26446 Friedeburg

Tel.: 0 44651870 (inland)



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