Dykefoot Rebel

Norfolk Terrier Male Dog perm. for breeding born 01.05.1984

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Breeder: Dykefoot
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Ch. Ragus Songbook 

Ch. Ragus Whipcord 

Ragus Humphrey Bear 

Ragus Who Dat 

Ragus Shady Lady 

Ch. Ickworth Pathfinder 

Ragus Scandal 

Ragus Bagatelle 

9 CC's
Ch. Ragus Browned Off 

Ch. Ragus Whipcord 

Ch. Ragus Brown Sugar 

Ragus Backchat 

Crackshill Hot Toddy 

Ch. Ragus Bitter Orange 


Offspring of Dykefoot Rebel

Son Daughter
Miss Kiwi
Retsaca Frivolity Fern