Ch. Colonsay Orderly Dog

Norfolk Terrier Male Dog perm. for breeding born 25.03.1960
Norfolk Terrier: Colonsay Orderly Dog

Probably the most famous Colonsay dogs were Ch. Colonsay Banston Belinda and Ch. Colonsay Orderley Dog who became a breed record holder under the ownership of Alice Hazeldine, both kept their records for nearly 30 years.

Gilean White: Determined but with a lovable disposition, in: The Norfolk Terrier Club of Great Britain, Year Book 2003-2004


Breeder: Colonsay
  Marion Sheila Scott Macfie
  -- Great Britain --
 Champion GB
 19 CC's

Waveney Valley Mymark 

8 CC's
Ch. Waveney Valley Alder 

Elel Spruce 

Pennie of Waveney Valley 

Ch. Waveney Valley Gypsy 

Elel Spruce 


Colonsay Minge 

Ch. Colonsay Junior 

Colonsay Gribble 

Armitage Beauty 

Humpty Dumpty 

Colonsay Fag Wagger 

Tudor Candytuft 


Offspring of Colonsay Orderly Dog

Son Daughter
Moortop Golden Boy
Colonsay Aring
Colonsay Pop
Colonsay Pretty Pretties
Colonsay Pretty Royal
Colonsay Puss In Boots