Allright Candy Cane

Norfolk Terrier Male Dog born 07.09.2008
Norfolk Terrier: Allright Candy Cane


Breeder: Allright
  Dr. Frauke Hinsch
  -- Deutschland --

Weltsieger 2003

Ch. Allright Magic Candyman 

Europasg. VDH
Klub-Jgd-Sg D

Ch. Allright Charlie Brown 

Ch. Cracknor Candidate 

Ch. Guestlings Catch Me 

Ch. Allright Magic Jewel 

Ch. Allright Hyperion 

Ch. Allright Magic Goblin 

Allright Smart Jamie 

Crufts Sieger
Ch. Belleville Smart Alec 

Ch. Brickin Get Smart 

Belleville Born To Dance 

Allright Heatherbell 

Ch. Allright Teddy Trouble 

Allright Magic Mystery 


Offspring of Allright Candy Cane

Son Daughter
Allright Cloudlet
Charmonty Magic Sunshine
Ch. Peanuts Batida de Coco