Hunston Half Pint

Norfolk Terrier Bitch perm. for breeding born 06.09.1960

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Breeder: Hunston
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Hunston Herald 

Colonsay Fag Wagger 

Colonsay Dicky Flutter 

Colonsay Coppa Dak 

Colonsay Dizzy 

Colonsay We Three 

Colonsay Cag 

Hunston Hal Far 

Hunston Holy Smoke 

Rednor Gay Caballero 

Jubilant of Shervage 

Fluellen Readymade 

Kirby Ready 

Colonsay Dimback 


Offspring of Hunston Half Pint

Son Daughter
Withalder We Watchman
Ch. Withalder Wee Westram
Ch. Withalder We Wingding
Withalder We Winnie